What People are Saying About BrakeHawk

Just wanted to tell you how happy we are with the BrakeHawk.  It has simplified things alot for our customers and has eliminated, almost totally, the need for us to have to stop customers who do not stop themselves.  I am glad you came up with the idea, it has made our work a lot easier.  Thank you.

I just want to thank you for the Brake Hawk. It has made our Canopy Tour a hit. When we first started our zip lines we were using gloves for braking, they work, but have several issues. They are costly and uncomfortable on the rider’s hand, which sometimes contributes to the rider not stopping properly. The BrakeHawk has taken those issues away, our customers love it and find it easy to use.  Thanks again for a great product.

We love the new BrakeHawk…our customers will never brake with gloves again!

The BrakeHawk has been a great asset to our company. People who’ve ridden zip lines all around the world say the BrakeHawk is the best braking system they’ve ever used. Thanks for making such a great product!

Randy, you’re a genius! Thanks for making our industry safer!

I’ve been involved in the zip line industry for decades as a builder, an inspector and a canopy tour owner. The BrakeHawk zip line brake is an innovative and invaluable product that I fully endorse and highly recommend to my clients.

I just wanted to send a huge Thank You to Brakehawk. I built a zipline for my children for their birthday, but once they tried it once they were dreading the abrupt stop at the end. I tried a bungee brake and a coil spring brake on the line, but it was downright dangerous. Last month I purchased the Brakehawk braking system and wish I had bought it sooner. The kids, and adults, now enjoy the line as it was intended. Thanks again.

BrakeHawk brake systems has been a tremendous improvement here at Deep Run Ziplines in Dothan Alabama! Deeprun has the longest and fastest twin ziplines in the southeast. Knowing our customers can stop on a dime with the BrakeHawk system not only gives us peace of mind but improves the overall safety of our operations. Previously to your system we were stopping the old fashion way – grabbing the cable with gloves to stop. Our customers were very uncomfortable braking that way! The gloves got very hot and some came into the platform too fast because they couldn’t grip tight enough to stop. It was very stressful not only for our customers but also for our staff. In my humble opinion (retired USAF aircraft machinist) the overall design, construction and functionality of your brake is superb. I especially like the long lasting, easy to replace rubber inserts. After using your system for many months now I honestly can’t imagine zip lining without it. Your brake system has given a lot of our inexperienced customers the confidence they need to take that last “BIG”step off the platform knowing they can stop. BrakeHawk systems is a vital part of Deeprun ziplines and we say thanks!

Our Happy Customers in the U.S. and Europe